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high milage

After replying to a post that Jenn made, I found this site that listed some people high milage records.... Honda Beat High Miles - looks like my dad’s 534k isn’t really a record, but its pretty damn high! I bet we *do* have a record for the most miles between our cars though ;) Its too bad that "Wanda" the Honda is dying. She’s the oldest of the bunch of our cars, and Lisa hasn’t gotten to drive her to work for 3 days now because something is wrong with her. Poor little Honda!

Maybe I’ll take some better pictures while I’m there today w/my camera. 'Cept that E’s car is in the shop again because 2 days after he got it back from fixing the last problem (he ran into something and made a dent!), his boss ran into it on the way out of their driveway. Oops!

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