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participation positives: 050602

It’s time for Jess’s participation positives for today!!!

  • Jess named me her aortal pick of the week!
  • cherry coke in the morning is good
  • the sun is out
  • I’m wearing my soft AE sweater
  • I love and I am loved
  • I’m working on a design for someone who I don’t know :giggle: (most of my custom designs go to my friends!)
  • I’ve had more requests for customizing sets in the last 2 weeks than in the entire time I’ve been designing.
  • It only took 20 minutes to reconcile the payroll account for April, which is record time. Yes work accomplishments give me a smile!
  • I’m listening to music that’s good for my soul - Dido, Michelle B, Sarah, Tara - all the wonderful good ones (I should post this playlist, its great!)
  • Eric said that if my dad gave me crap about not driving the car home, to have him call him ;)
  • I’ve lost some weight, and hopefully after a few more pounds, my ring will fit again smile
  • I had an awesome saturday, and i’m so glad we got to see Spidey!
  • and a big woo-hoo, I finally was able to make a positive list on a monday morning! The last few weeks I haven’t feel even like posting!!!!


woot woot! smile

Mmm..good music selections. I hope Sarah’s new one comes out soon. I’m craving new Sarah music!

You said: I’ve lost some weight, and hopefully after a few more pounds, my ring will fit again

Holy cow, Kristine! We’re in the same boat! I’ve recently lost 22 pounds and I think in another 4-5 my wedding ring will fit again as well. It’s currently too big for my pinky but not quite right for the ring finger. My hope is the end of May....

Good luck to you!

yeah you for losing weight!!! what a great feeling!
tell us how you did it.

If you mean me, Meegan, I did it with Weight Watchers. I joined on 12/28/01 and over the next three months lost 22 pounds. For the past 8 weeks I’ve been battling with the same one or two pounds, but this week I plan on adding exercise to my regime and hope to break through and continue moving to lower numbers on the scale. My goal is to lose another 30-40 pounds. But if I only lose 20 and then get preggers I’ll be content with that as well. =)

Jaynee - I’m sorry that we are in the same boat, but BIG congrats for getting the 22lbs off - that’s terrific!!! smile I miss my ring so much - I took it off a few months ago because it was just too tight. I really want to be able to wear it again by mid-June when we got down to CA for my brother-in-law’s grad smile

Here’s my weight loss story.... I gained about 50lbs when I was on Paxil (July-April). I know that my diet was 100% better than it had been before, and so I am fairly certain that it was the drugs. So now, my side effects of my self-diagnosed CFS has been a lot of nausea and tummy problems. . . . and so for the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve felt terrible and didn’t really want to eat. So I’m loosing weight the very unhealthy way, because I’m just not eating. I mean, I need to loose the weight, but on the other hand, I’d rather be loosing it with a healthy diet and not depleting myself of the benefits of food! I’m taking some vitamins to help try to keep my strength up and stuff, but still.

I’d like to get back down to 160 by summer, but that’s probably pushing it. We’ll see, its really hard for me to exercise right now because I’m in a lot of pain w/o the pain of exercising. LOL!

Blah. I’ve been exercising, and been better with food, and I’m not losing weight at all! However my friend is sending me a WW book this week.

I really wanted to post because I just found your Buffy skin! It rocks. And I have Xander and Anya right now. Aww. In Australia, they’re still engaged.

Ooh I just noticed, it’s not Xander and Anya, but Angel, Spike and Buffy. Ooher.

I am a bit too excited by this huh? laughing

Kristine, sorry to hear about your health problems. My weight gain was due to depression and boredom. I slowly gained about 60 pounds in the first five years of my marriage. I joined WW and have been pleased with the results - I can still eat what I want (I love chocolate too much to go without it!). After two years I couldn’t wear my ring anymore, so for the past three years I haven’t worn it. I’ll be happy when I’m able to wear it again.

jaynee, you are a success story.
kristine, i share a story similar to yours. i too gained a ton of weight while on psych. meds. it is so hard to feel *good* about yourself while you are packing on the pounds without being able to enjoy it, hehe. i only wish i could have enjoyed eating my way to this weight!
i am exercising a lot and following weight watchers, however, no such luck as of yet. it is so hard to stay motivated when you don’t see any results.