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Spider-man sucess

I was saying to Eric, wow, everybody at the theater is really coming to see Spider-man. And it was true, I think in the 45 minutes we sat in line for our seats, I only saw 2 other couples going to see something else!! Here’s the proof - CNN.com - 'Spider-Man' scales new box office heights - May 5, 2002. (Thanks to Robyn for the link smile ) Zap2it weights in on the sucess, too. Can you believe it - the weekend totals for s-m are 114mil, and the next closest for the weekend isn’t even 10mil. LOLOL!

I’m so glad we went to see it!!!

Next up, Episode II (E says "I refuse to call it by its stupid name!" LOL!)


my friend says the same thing about EII’s name! couldn’t they have at least called it "clone wars?" smile

I personally keep calling it attack of the clowns ;) WOuldn’t that be funny, a bunch of giant shoes and pies in the faces?! ;)

I hate the title for Episode II as well. When we were in line for Spiderman there were three kids in front of us (around ages 8/9/10 or so). They were talking about Spiderman and Star Wars - how they were excited to see them both. Then one kid brags, "I have all of Star Wars on tape except for Chapter Two." He had a moment of pride before one of the other boys said, "Well, NO ONE has Chapter Two - it hasn’t come out yet!" The bragging kid just became deflated - poor little guy. He was so happy until his friend pointed out the obvious. What’s funny is that even those kids refused to call it by the real name. =)

What is EII’s name? I looked it up, but all I see is "Spider Man 2".

Meryl, sorry I shoulda been more specific - I was referring to Episode II: Attack of the Clones - the new Star Wars movie that will be out in 2 weeks smile

I haven’t heard yet about Spider-man - in fact, before this weekend, only Tobey was listed in the IMDb as being on the 2nd movie; and I only know Kirsten is signed on because I saw it on Entertainment Tonight when E was flipping through the channels LOL!

My husband agrees with E. He says Episode II’s name reminds him of a cheesy B flick title, akin to "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".

Send in the clones.....where are the clones..... *ducks*

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