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icky sunday

So because I had so much fun yesterday, today my body is paying me back. I know, I should be happy that I got to go out yesterday at least. I’ve moved from the can't-sleep-all-night phase to the my-tummy-feels-sick-evey-time-I-move phase. Blech.

So I’ve gotten stuff done on my computer this morning - not a whole lots, but some; until my butt falls asleep and then it makes me feel sick to move again. LOL! So I ate a little bit - just rice krispies and crackers because everything else sounded icky. And then I took a 3 hour nap. Hey, I bet I’m loosing weight at least! I noticed the other night that my newest book (the only time I really read is when I’m in there. LOL!) was sitting on the scale, and weighted 5lbs. Nope, the scale was off 5lbs. But how long was it that way? Now I don’t know! I still lost at least 5 lbs since I saw the doctor last because I went down 10lbs even with the 5lb adjusting smile

I’m up working on some projects again. I did get a quote put together for a prospective client, and that was fun smile I made some new graphics set designs to add to the pile of the other ones on my desktop... but when the inspiration calls, I have to start them or I’ll loose it! I should be grocery shopping and paying bills. Ugh.

Tomorrow, I get to deal with E’s car issues - its in the body shop in Washougal, and it would all be easier if I could just drive one of them home. No one really understands how confused I feel when I’m doing normal things (brainfog is the term used that makes sense to me!), and driving doesn’t sound safe. at all. So I’m SURE I’ll get to be harrassed by my dad about that tomorrow. :sigh: That thought makes my tummy hurt more.

There’s a bird outside my window that is chirping rather loudly. I like having a beauiful tree right outside my window, but do they really have to poop all over it so I can’t take pictures?! smile

Let’s see, Hoopty’s adding me to the rack browser today, and I did some tweaks on MT for Robyn which may appear at a scriptygoddess near you once I get the documentation written up. I have more emails to reply to, and just maybe one will hit your mailbox!!

That’s been my day, how’s yours?


LoL@your scale...I swear they start to inch forwards or backwards on purpose just so they can laugh about us at their upscale meetings.
OK, that was lame....lmao.....it’s 12:30am, I should be in bed and instead I am making silly jokes in people’s comments. tounge out

racked!! *ding ding ding!!*

Hee! Washougal is a funny name! :oP

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