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new toy is here!

Look what just showed up at my door??!

shhhh, don’t tell E that I just bounced down the stairs in my jammies and no bra to get it. LOL!


Congrats! I need the upgrade, too...

Too funny. When I rushed to the mall to pick up the DiabloII expansion my girlfriend and I were so giddy we didn’t notice till we got back to the car that in pulling my unwashed hair up into a tight ponytail I had revealed an enormous hickie on my neck.

Probably the first since highschool and here I was sporting it through the mall w/ my HouseWife Brigade on a Mission attitude. The lure of cool software in action.

oh! How much fun! Besides the obvious delight at the new "browse" feature, regale us with tales that will make me fork over the money to upgrade, please...

As of yet, the browser feature is my favorite NEW thing. But since I’ve only played for a little while, I’m sure I’ll have more to add to that later smile The healing brush was pretty neato, too - I could make myself look good even w/o makeup ;)

What a truly special day haha, I should have it in a week smile

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