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time keeps

... slipping away....

My days are moving so quickly. I feel like time just moves so much faster than I am. I have so many things that I *want* to do, but I feel like I’m in slo-mo. Maybe my capacity for doing this has gone down. And naps between projects suck up time like nothing else. Somewhere between the icons on my desktop, each one being a project I want to be doing, my brain is resting.

Even simple things like noticing that instead of oh, 11am like I thought it was? its 1. When did I forget to eat?! Its no wonder that the doctors don’t want to see me, they think that with my problems on hold, maybe I’ll just starve my weight off because I am not paying as close of attention to anything!!

So I’m gonna go put some potatoes in the oven for dinner. I’m gonna try to make some chocolate chip ice cream pie while I’m down there too. If I get sidetracked before I get back, maybe I’ll read this post and realize that the potatoes didn’t get put in the oven!

strike that. Potatoes were really ewwie looking. But I do have the stuff to make Mac and Cheese. Let’s hope I have enough energy by 4 to start on that while watching trading spaces!

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