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pounding head

I went to sleep with an awful headache. Every time I kinda woke up I could feel it still here, growing into a migraine. And look, I woke up and it felt no better, still all the migraine-y funness sad Goodness, please go away in the next 30 minutes before its time to get ready for work....

I went to bed annoyed about something, but then tried to think of other things while I laid there (its so hard to fall asleep these days... it takes me forever to calm my brain down to stop thinking enough to rest.) I *know* that I thought of some important things that I needed to get up and do something about them. I just wish I could remember them. :sigh:

Well, I know one of the thoughts involved bringing my camera with me to work. Maybe I’ll take some pretty pictures while I’m there OR on the way of my mountain smile

You suppose that my doctor will be impressed that I took the CFS and fibromyalgia quizzes and knew all the answers? Yeah, I kinda doubt it.

Yesterday, I went around adding some of my other sites to rings, because I noticed that some of the key ones were missing from some of my projects. That felt nice to get a whole item off my to do list.

when this headache goes down, I’m sure the positivity will come back into my posts. this one sure wasn’t!

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