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I’ve never been a comic-book kinda girl. I don’t know why, I love heros and that usually fits with the comic book theme. And I’ve seen most of the superhero movies that’s come out in my lifetime.

This one looks special. Spider-Man Movie. The previews give me goosebumps, which is always a good sign for a movie. The Hero song that they’ve been playing from the soundtrack is that great minor key that draws me and says "listen to me on repeat!" Tobey McGuire looks like such a cutie (even though pleasantville is the only real movie I’ve seen him in!), and I think Kirsten Dunst is awesome. (ah, the IMDB says yesterday was her bday!)

So I really wanna see this smile Hopefully we’ll make it to a movie this weekend!!! smile


Oh yeah, I’m all OVER Spiderman this weekend. Parts of it were filmed on the rooftop of the building next to my office. We’re on a higher floor so many employees at my company were perch in the windows watching the filming. You’ll know the building they used because they are on a rooftop that features a pool. In that scene and you just may see faces pressed against the glass in the building behind them! Those are my co-workers!

LoL@Jaynee...how exciting!
I am SO looking forward to Spiderman!! Not only is it going to be an early birthday present for my older son (he is going to be NINE on the 24th...help? heh), but have been wanting to see it myself ever since I first heard about it! I LOVE superhero movies w0000t! smile

We too will be at the movie this sat....M wants to see it as much as I do...

Me too smile I am actually not a comic book person at all but for some reason I so want to see this movie and Saturday is my birthday so I asked hubby to take me to see it ;)
How lame is that? hee hee ;)

My dh is a Spider Man freak, so we will be seeing it soon, too.

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