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participation positives: 042902

I was just kinda annoyed and blah-ish when I got to work, and planned on whining. But then I checked my mail and remembered that its monday and I might start out better if I did Participation Positives instead.

  • The sun is out this morning
  • My camera works so fabulously that I’m gonna take some pictures this afternoon.... at least of the flowers on the table downstairs if I don’t make it out of the apartment.
  • I got a package in the mail this morning, and according to UPS, I should have one tomorrow (Amazon - Compact flash card) and two on wednesday (Amazon - photoshop upgrade and GB makeup shipment)
  • I love and I am loved.
  • I’m the first one in the office this morning and so I cranked my new Michelle Branch CD to cheer me up. It rocks!
  • I have amazing friends, and it feels so nice to be part of such great circles of friends online.
  • I got a quote on a label printer and labels to go with it so I have something to research this morning for work.
  • My internet works here this morning (it wasn’t working for more than a few seconds at a time when I woke up at home)
  • I’m customizing a graphics set for someone with their title, and it looks really nice and got me some lunch money along the way.
  • Only 4 hours today. I can do it.

Thanks, Jess. I do feel a bit better smile


Don’t you love UPS? I get so excited when I see them coming up the block!

Can’t wait to see some pics here... =)

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