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b and s tomorrow

UPN says:

Xander’s tremendous feelings of remorse might not be quite enough to counter Anya’s rage over being left at the alter. Buffy reassesses her relationship with Spike.
yes yes yes! We want Buffy to reassess her Spike relationship!!! smile Yay yay! a new episode!!! smile
Sorry, don’t mind the :bounce:ing girl over here (who hasn’t copied the froggy into her smiley file yet, so just imagine my zalary-love’s froggy bouncing here!!)


Oh honey! I’m doing the happy jig myself. I’m still spoiler free. Aren’t you proud of me? Buffy is going to reassess her relationship with Spike? If that’s the case, can I be Spike’s rebound girl? Please. Pretty please. With sugar on topconfused!!! smile

I can’t wait. We’ll have LOTS to talk about over at "Bite Me!" tomorrow night. WooHoo!!!

Yep, this is the only blip about the ep that I’m letting myself read, and I’m trying REALLY hard not to read spoilers about the rest of the season. . . I enjoy it so much more when I’m surprised!

Maybe we can take turns being the rebound twins ;) I can’t stop loving him, every episode does it for me!!! I rewatched the 2nd (3rd hour of the season; after the 2 hours premiere) episode of this season, where he finally sees that Buffy is back, and I just sat there with tears because he had such pure emotions. Oh goodness, think I’m too emotional w/o my drugs?!!! Or is James just SUCH a good actor that I can’t stop ?!!! LOL!

Yay for new eps, makes me gushy!!!

The Spike Rebound Twins. Yes, indeed. That is our official title as of this moment.

Oh my. That episode of which you speak rips at my heart EACH and EVERY time as well. So I don’t think it’s just you being over emotional at all. He is THAT good of an actor. Or at least in that episode he is. Oh yeah. *sigh* I may need to get the tapes out and rewatch a few of the first ones of this season just because. I could have an all day Buffy-fest tomorrow, ending in the new episode.

Wanna come with and do the Buffy thing with me? smile

Girls girls girls, let me just tell you that I just finished watching "Seeing Red", the episode that airs next week and it’s an AMAZING episode. And for those going spoiler-free they are going to FREAK.

And thankfully, Spike looks HOT in this episode - he wears a dark black tight shirt that makes him look quite STEAMY. =)

But the episode - my my...I can’t wait to hear your reactions the next day. =)

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