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lazy sunday

Another day of not too much going on.

I’ve been working on putting together a photoblog because I want an easy way to keep my new camera images together. Of course, I don’t stop tweaking until I’m happy, so its been a long process :giggle:

My brain is just speeding along, and I have so many things I need/want to be doing. E could tell I was tiring myself out and made me take a nap, which of course lasted way too long for me to get anything else done. And then we watched Cruel Intentions, but my dad called right before that and got me all stressed out, and so I still feel a bit flustered. I’m annoyed (with myself), cuz I really wanted to enjoy my movie. My tummy is STILL just so annoyed with me, and I wish I knew why. It seems like it doesn’t matter what I eat and how simple of a food it is, I still am having swirly tummy problems. Blah.

Now E’s playing with his music maker software, and its getting a bit obnoxious, but I can tell that I’m just really easily annoyed, so I’m not gonna say anything.

I’ve got a few things to finish for theredkitchen yet this evening, and I’d like to clean my desktop, but I’m not gonna push it!

That’s my boring day, aren’t you glad I shared? ;)

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