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MTV movie award noms

MTV Movie Award Nominees Announced -

"As usual, the MTV Movie Awards is not your typical awards show. This year’s Best Movie category features blonde ambition, super fast cars, a green ogre, hobbits, and military drama," says Van Toffler, president of MTV and MTV2. "Critically acclaimed or not, these are the movies that our audience went out to see."

The MTV Movie Awards will take place at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium on June 1 and will be broadcast at 9 p.m. ET June 6.

I do so love the MTV movie awards! They are great fun smile And look, Heath Ledger’s up for a few :giggle:


Do you know who the host is this yearconfused I heard it might be SMG!!! How cool would that be?

::running in as fast as she can::

pant gasp pant.....It’s already the end of April?! OMG!OMG!! And I missed my Kristiney girl’s b-day. D'OH!!!!!! So sorry sweetie. I hope you had a super duper b-day! Happy #25!! XOXOXOXO!!! :0)

The year they gave Chewbacca the lifetime achievement award was the BEST! wink

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