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Just for fun today, I added a recipe over at theredkitchen for one of our family’s fav bday cakes. I’m not so hot on nuts, but this is a good one.

My fav cake that I remember was a huge many-layered chocolate cake with raspberry filling from Rose’s, a Portland bakery that has since closed. It was so yummy!

I also had a beautiful butterfly cake bookmarked on my desktop that I wanted to share!

Because my bday is so close to easter, I got a lot of theme cakes - bunnys and butterflys and springy stuff. smile


eeee! i love the butterfly cake (i’m sure noone saw that coming - heehee) i wonder if my frommy will make it with me when she is down.

if i were there, i would make you an 8 layer chocate with alternating raspberry and cream cheese filling cake for your b-day! smile

Oh, you rock! That’s exactly perfect, and what I really want smile
I think you should print out the butterfly cake recipe and sign J’s name to it and send it to your mom like it was his idea ;) I’m so evil!!!!

Oh that cake is GORGEOUS! Wow! I really need to share my banana split cake recipe... At least your birthday isn’t around (or on this year) Thanksgiving like mine is. People usually just stick a candle in the pumpkin pie. I don’t think anyone’s bought me a birthday cake since childhood... No one seem to want to eat it with all the other Turkey Day goodies floating around. wink HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday Kristine!!! By the way, I really like the Buffy skin smile