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things that make me go ugh!

I definitely don’t feel well this morning.

I almost didn’t make it into work; when I climbed back into bed to wake up E, I was so sick feeling that I feel back asleep for 20 minutes and then getting up was so hard. My head hurts, I’m still dizzy (darnitall, I was gonna have some toast and PB to try and get some extra salt in to see if it made a difference), and my tummy is queasy. I’ve been getting such a dry mouth in the middle of the night that this morning when I woke up, my tongue actually has a little split in the edge of it. I realized that I was behind on my bc pills again - how do I let myself do that? Duh, Kristine, you are a dork!

I’m drinking the last cherry coke, which means I won’t have any later.

I got a book from the crafters book place that I *know* I told them on their webpage I didn’t want. So mom put it back in her mailbox for me as return to sender (cuz mine is a teeny bitty one), and I got it BACK again today because they said "you must put 2.21 postage on this because the box was open." Frickin A, that’s how it came!!! Your stupid post office musta ripped the edge of the box because it just opened up when I pulled it out of the mailbox.

First person that I know (ie, not just a bum off the street who happened upon this post) who wants a book on cross stich, email me and I’ll give you a damn good deal on a it. In fact, I might just want to get rid of it so bad that i’d just send it to you. It’d be your lucky day.....

My horoscope says:

In the morning you will tend be very critic and unsatisfied with everything that happens around you. You tend to get upset and nervous about all sorts of trifles.
and that’s sounding like it could be more and more true. Which isn’t a good sign since my dad is supposed to be in here this morning and I need to be at my full work capacity.

Argh! I wanted to start off my day positive, and its SO not working now. sad Sorry Jess.


Well, I like cross-stitch...lol.....let me know the deal, eh?
I really hate it when you get something in the mail you never wanted and didn’t order, and they send it anyway, then expect you ro pay for it. ESPECIALLY a magazine subscription with a "free" issue, then they keep sending you bills, telling you you are "overdue" to pay a subscription you never ordered in the first place! UGH!