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oh no, no makeup?!

Robyn posed a scary thought: What five beauty-related products would send you running out to stockpile if you found they were discontinued tomorrow?

Note - I’ve been using Garden Botanika makeup since I got out of college. And it makes me happiest, so much of this list is very GB-centric ;)

1. Garden Botanika’s Mascara in ebony. Its thick and luxurious and a nice dark color that matches my hair. Its the best mascara I’ve ever found.
2. Softlips chapstick in French Vanilla. It goes on smoothly and makes my lips tingle a bit smile Only problem with it is that when it gets to a certain point in the tube, the whole top of the thing breaks. And makes me sad!!!
3. Angelica Moisturizer cream from Garden Botanika. I love this moisturizer. I bought a brand new tub of it right before the GB store closed, and now they aren’t selling it online anymore sad I actually wrote them and asked, and they said they were reworking their face products. I sure hope it comes back before I run out!
4. Foundation on a Stick from Garden Botanika in the lighest shade they make. Its so easy and perfect for my skin. But again, its off their webpage now sad I have one and a half sticks left. Lets hope it lasts until they start making something like this again. Its smoother than any other foundation on a stick I’ve tried. And I blush so easy that its hard to find something that covers okay but doesn’t get funky when around red blotches!
5. GB Lipstick in Amethyst. If I’m gonna wear lipstick, this is the one. On my sister and Rina, it looked a little more goth (I think I bought it for both of them!); but on me, it looks great! I wore it on my wedding day I liked it so much smile

bonus6. Clairol Natural insticts in Rosewood. Yes, I know, its not makeup, but its my favorite summer-time shade to enhance what I already have red in my hair!

This list was so much fun to make - thanks Robyn smile


Oooh, I haven’t tried Natural Instincts yet—I just may grab that the next go-around! smile

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