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WTC in movies

World Trade Center lives on in films - I’m glad to see this. After they did stuff like pull the Simpsons episode from syndication after 9-11, I was worried what else they might do!


I agree. We cannot deny that the WTC existed...after all, I went up one of the towers during a school trip in the mid-70’s!

Our local PBS station recently re-ran the Ric Burns *New York* series...and they didn’t whitewash the WTC...

Also, have been renting and just bought *Sex & the City* DVD’s, and am happy to see a glimpse of the Twin Towers in the opening credits!

I like seeing the WTC in movies now. I always let out a tiny, "awww..." when I see them. But not a sad "awww...", more a "wow it’s great that we’re still here awww...." I live in NJ and could see the WTC each morning on my way to work - it’s sad that I can’t see them anymore. But I like seeing the towers on film now more than ever. Also, now they are more of a symbol of NYC than the Status of Liberty, in my opinion. The one I’m most upset about besides the GREAT Simpsons episode is the trailer for "Spiderman" where you see the web he’s built between the towers.

Which Simpsons episode was that?

I never saw the Spiderman trailer, but I did love the simpsons ep - Homer’s car gets stolen and ends up in NYC. He has to go and pay some big ticket and its parked betwen the twin towers; so then when he needs to go pee, he has to go up one tower and found that it was out of order and had to go down and up the other, and its really funny!

My site is dedicated to displaying the twin centers in all their glory as they’ve appeared in film. I have hundreds of pictures from many scenes in many movies that feature the Twin Towers. I even have some video clips of these movie scenes, including the Spider-Man trailer that you’re talking about above. I recently got my hands on the Simpsons episode Homer VS NYC and this will be on the site soon.
Come over to www.tradecenterfilms.com and remember the Twin Towers as they used to be and witness how much of an impact these towering works of art have effected our culture.

i went to tradecenterfilms.com and i went to direct nc thing. plus i’ve seen that simpson episode. you mean they won’t show it anymore? plus anyone have a quicktime clip of the wtc scene in home alone 2 lost in ny?

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