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vanessa carlton

Reminder to self.... Find a copy of Vanessa Carlton’s song "A Thousand Miles" - I really like the piano background! Her webpage is neato, too - her bio reminds me of hours and hours that I spent in the downstairs of the dorm, just playing the piano to calm my soul. I miss that.

edited to add: Dara rocks!

Also look for other Michelle Branch - I thought of her when I was trying to come up with Vanessa’s name, and I know I only have 2 or so songs of MB’s. smile


Ha! You’re too funny. Enjoy it.

here (with songs for both)

That Vanessa Carlton song is a GREAT one - and I love "Goodbye" by Michelle Branch.

One song that I hated and it’s now starting to grow on me is "Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira. I decided to hate her because it seemed that her popularity in the US was just hype for the record company. But that stupid song is actually kind of okay. =)

The one thing I can’t get over is how much Vanessa & Michelle look alike. LOL! But I do love their music. I bought Michelle’s CD a couple of months ago and I really liked it. If you’re in need of some MP3’s from either of them, let me know. smile

I love that song smile and she does have a great website smile

I think u r the best singer ever

oh, geez, im afraid that they really both look an awful lot alike. but, hey, thats fine with me. how i LOVE them both, i rily dont know. dey make me go crazy. just the slight jingle of their names in my ears, make me go sky.high. oh, how i wish they were sisters. oh, hey, no, i dont. no no no no. dat was quite a lie. haha. i do wish they’re sisters. i know they are. oh, hell, im dreaming. haha. i wonder if they’re friends. close friends. best friends. more than friends. (oops, sorry. haha.) neighbors. cousins. sisters. family. oh, im getting carried away. haha. i wish to meet them anyway. i ike both of them. no, i dont. i don’t like them. i LOVE them. they’re two hecks of gals. haha. oh, geez, how i wish i could see them together on tv, in person. haha. dreaming again. haha. k, gotta go. got some exploring to do. wanna know wat’s it about? oh, im just simply looking for people who think the way i do. people who think those 2 girls look lyk twins. aw, not again. haha. ok. gotta go. ROCK ON, EVERYONE!!! ESPECIALLY MB AND VC!!! ^_^

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