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When I first had a computer in our house, we had someone give us a disk with Commander Keen on it. I was enamored, this was SUCH fun. Me and my siblings faught over who would get to play next, and had SO much fun seeing who would end up on the top score list.

Sidescrolling games like Keen and Cosmo (the suction cup alien!!) and then later, Mario Brothers still make me smile. Even with new games like Civ II and III, The Sims, and more, I still have to pull out some of these type of games to enjoy.

Dosgames.com has a great selection of Side Scrolling Games that are freeware or shareware and you can download. I have had this link for a long time, and every once in a while, go back to see if there is anything new I want to play. Since not too many people would "waste" their time developing a sidescroller, that’s not very often. That’s okay, I can just fire up Cosmo :giggle:


Oh, Commander Keen, how I’ve loved thee-- I used to sneak out of my bedroom at night into the den to play it. Augh, I can still feel the adrenaline rush!

Oooh!! I *loved* all those Apogee games! I know what I’m going to be doing all day! lol! smile


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