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name yourself

According to my radio and the crazy holidays calendar, today is name yourself day.

If you could name yourself, what name would you use?

Check out the meaning of your name and see if it matches.

I think my name fits me well. I’m glad that its spelled with a K, even though its harder to tell people what my name is when I have to add "...that’s with a K" at the end of it every time. I get to be unique because people don’t hear it with a K as often. I think I would have picked a better middle name (I’m Kristine Diane) because Diane is kinda boring, and my parents didn’t pick it for any reason.

Oh, and my name means Fair Christian and Divine when put together. Both Kristine and Diane are Greek, even though I’m Lithuanian and English for the majority of my heritage.


Growing up, E and I had nicknames for each other because we didn’t like our own names very much. LOL She was Lizzie (something that has stuck around so long that it’s now her AIM name LOL) and I was Mary Anne. *g* I’ve begun to like my name more now, but not enough to use it often, as evidenced by Rina. LOL My real name means "Who is with God?" and the meaning is about half on. *g* Oddly enough, Rina fits me much better. Huh.

I’m not sure what I’d name myself, but my mom *almost* named me Desiree. I’m so glad she didn’t though...it’s hard enough getting people to spell RobYn right. smile

Heh I ALWAYS have to say "sarah with an H" then people go "oh! Like this? s-h-a-r-a

people need those baby name books in school.

hey hun.. I thought I had made my rounds and told everyone about my new domain.. but maybe I didn’t.. so yeah.. smile just a slight change.

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