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I like consistant processes. Finding a way to do things the same every time, and doing it better because of that. Its deeply embedded in my personality type. So I really enjoyed reading Meryl’s newest article, Building the Business Game Plan. Of course, its targeted more at bigger businesses with a team to work with, but I still took away some great points to work with on my own personal scale.

Start by creating a one-page document outlining your task for a project from beginning to end. For each major step, list what needs accomplishing, the tasks involved, and the expected results
This is good advice for any project, and the examples given were great, although I tend to flesh out my outlines more than this.

I think that I’m going to work on an outline of some of my major tasks (adding graphics sets, adding new blogplates members) and stick them on the wall of my desk. This might help keep me more on track instead of the dreaded "oh, I see something else on this that needs working on" syndrome!


Thanks for posting the link, great info there!

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