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An update on my insaniquaium playing - I now have all 8 of the pets, and 2 tanks (and a scoring tank, I think). I think my fav combo is Prego the Momma Fish, Vert the Skelton, and Stinky the Snail. smile Both tanks are cool for different reasons, although I haven’t made the star catcher be worth his $$, I catch them better.

Its just such a fun game! Thanks, Kymberlie ;)


i am so addicted to that game, it’s ridiculous.

i’m still trying to figure out that star catcher guy. i think i’ve got it, but it’ll take a few more times of playing it.

I love Insaniquarium!!!

Ooops. What did I do?

I hope you can help me. I typed in the code VOID and also tried SPACE to change the background in the VT and other tanks. I don’t care for them and would like the screen to go back as it was orignally. I’ve searched for hours trying to find a cheat to get it corrected but as of yet have not. Can you help?

I love the game and am going insane over it ;):

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