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My plans for the afternoon started off with lunch. It was a yummy lunch. Now a quick Atomica Game. Then a short nap. Then I will wake up and stress about my dr. appt. and reread all my notes. Ack! Its at 3:15, so I should be able to sleep a little while, at least. Now’s the time for the "sleeping-on-my-tummy" trick so my hair doesn’t get all dorky!!!!

Edited to add after nap:

I’m pretty petrified. I know that it will have to be good to know what’s going on with me. But my dad reminded me of his hypothisis this morning ("Its all in your head") What if the doctor says that? I don’t know if I’m strong enough to fight about it. Yes, I am, I know something is wrong, but I’m scared. And I’m really nervous that my words won’t come out right. I don’t think people believe me when I say that lately my words aren’t coming out like I want them to. Can I just type my notes up and send them to her? :sigh:
I’m drowsy. I wish I hadn’t had to get up from my nap, and I even slept 20 minutes longer than I should of.
Maybe I’ll get dinner out of this afterwards, since we’ll be out. That is something to look forward to. So breathing, breathing.... here I go.


I just got some BIG numbers in Alchemy yesterday. So disappointed when my game had to end. Made #12 on the high score list at Astraware. Wow. I never did that before.

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