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appt. recap

I sure wish I had more to report....

I am going off the paxil. Not sure if its the right thing to do, but I’m doing it anyhow.

My doctor says there’s no point in even looking into CFS as an option for what I have because there’s no treating it anyhow. :sigh: I think I’m gonna write my two friends with CFS and talk to them about this. See what their doctors said the first time they went. Because she was pretty negative about it.

She says that there are some thyroid disorders that could have the same symptoms (which she did test me for when she started me on the paxil.) Lupus is another similar-symptom thing she’s testing me for. She said down the road, maybe she’d test me for multiple scolrosis.

I have another appointment to talk about the blood work. Either it will all come back fine, and then she will think that there’s nothing wrong with me.... o r it will come back with something worse. What can be positive in that?

I actually cried on my way in the house for lack of ANYTHING resolved. I know that what I’m feeling and experiencing is not normal. I know that my body being this tired and my need to cut back my work week from 40 hours to less than 20 hours a week is bad. I know that these pains are not just *in my head*. What is wrong with me? Why did I do all this fucking research for her to just blow me off? :sigh: I’m just frustrated now, and more determined to do more research. Not just in CFS, in other stuff too, but I feel like its the most viable *of what I’ve read.* Doesn’t mean that I’m a doctor that knows everything or anything.

I’m sorry, I wish this was more positive. I’m gonna wish that even more so in the morning when I have to tell my two biggest nay-sayers - my dad and annette. sad


Can’t you switch to something else other than Paxil? Lots of medications on the market that handle the same thing with different symptoms. I’m sorry, Kristine. I know how it feels. I feel like I rarely have a "feel great" day, yet we can never identify anything wrong with me. So, I feel like they all think it’s all in my head.

sorry to hear all this sad

hope you feel better soon

in my prayers,

oh, Kristine... i HATE it when doctors do that.

my voice teacher completely blew me off when i told him i was having problems with my voice. it wasn’t until i went to see a specialist that he believed that there was anything wrong.

could you go to get a second opinion from another doctor? there are other anti-depressants that you could try, and your doctor SHOULD be looking into what could be wrong. even if there’s "nothing they can do", it feels so much better to have a diagnosis as to what’s wrong.

i’m thinking about you and praying for you, sweetheart. *hugs*

Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist? My impression is that you seem convinced your physical symptoms (joint pain, headaches) are causing the mental ones (depression, insomnia), when it fact it may be the other way around. If you could cure your depression and anxiety (the mental stuff) your physical symptoms may clear as well. Just a thought. And if you don’t like the doctor, you absolutely should see a different one.

hey love,

i am with cori on this one. doctors are so bad like that. if there is any chance you could get in to see a specialist - or even another doctor - i think you should try as soon as possible.

from what i’ve read, cfs is a hard diagnosis to get, and it usually takes months and months (if not years) - which isn’t very comforting - but it definitely means you need to keep pushing and pushing until someone starts looking into it and does something!

i’ll be keeping you in my thought and prayers love.

Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry your doctor blew you off like that. I would definitely see another doc and find out about other depression meds if nothing else. I agree with what everyone else said! Keep pushing to get a diagnosis - you are worth it!

awww honey! sad believe me; i know what it’s like to leave the doctor’s office due to lack of progress. i have been struggling myself for almost four months now with this stupid noise in my ear. sad

i would agree though. i think a good next step could be seeing a therapist/psychiatrist. MANY physical symptoms manifest themselves because of mental stress. check it out. it can’t hurt, right? i mean, i’m seeing a dentist for my ear problems....that’s really stretching it! ;)

many hugs and lots of love girlie!

Hey Kristine I’ll email you privately about this, believe me, I know how you feel. but for now, *hugs* hang in there, it gets easier.

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