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blah to work

I’m just all worn out, and nothing on my desk looks remotely important. Why am I at work? I only really came even though I was so dead in case dad needed something this morning before his appeals hearing this morning. We are contesting an appeal from an employee who doesn’t think he should have to pay his unemployment back even though the state already decided that. Which is what I spent yesterday working on.

So today, all I feel like doing is curling up in my bed and doing nothing. I got only a bit of sleep last night, and I really shoulda just stayed home.

Hmmm... what fun things could I do instead of workingconfused Maybe I’ll work on our company website for a while - I worked on it for a while last week, and it really needs finishing up smile That sounds like much more fun that the bills that need to be sorted into piles smile


kristine~ i hear ya. i know the feeling all to well. calgon take me away!!!

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