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email and rina

Not only is Rina’s site having some issues this morning, the only mail that’s coming through on my love-productions server is stuff that’s self generated like notifications of comments. Aletia is making me pissy. Way pissy.


Darn e-mail! Did you get the one I sent you this morning? I bet you didn’t, huh? Come on baby ... come on over to the BlogOmania! side...

I’m getting nothing. The only emails that come through are notifications of updates of the Aletia board, and comment notifys. Blech.

I sent you an email this morning regarding Verve hosting. Not sure if you got it. smile

Verve has multi-hosted domains as well. Again, they’re a bit more expensive, but their customer service and uptime are SO worth it.

I’ve had enough of Aletia.

I use and adore VenturesOnline.com They have super fast support and I have had no problems with them.

I totally sympathize with you! I nearly went crazy yesterday when my site was down because of the problems Aletia is having. If you find a good solution, let me in on the secret smile

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