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ethnic diets

WebMD - Best-Kept Diet Secrets

Why do people in Asia get a fraction of the cancer, heart disease, and diabetes that Americans get? Why are the French, with their rich sauces, so slim?

The secret may simmer in their food. For intense flavor and a healthier body, come visit these diets of the world.

Kinda an interesting concept - maybe some lessons to be learned from all the cultures, even if I don’t like ethnic food as much as I do my traditional food smile


Hey Kristine!! It was interesting reading the French diet tips. Tim’s parents are *still* missionaries in France...they’ve been there 20 years, and Tim was there for 10. So, I get to hear a lot about the French and their traditions. One thing they didn’t mention in the article was about the desserts. Valerie, a French friend, has told me that the French will order a rich dessert, which is normally pretty small in portion, and will eat only a small part of it. I don’t know if I could survive in France!!! LOL

Hope your day is going well!! ***Hugs*** smile

One other thing about French food—the portions for every single course are *much* smaller, and everyone drinks wine with their meals, which helps aid digestion. (As for the dessert... when we were in the Medoc everyone, locals and all, ate everything! Maybe that depends on the region.) All the food is just TOO GOOD smile

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