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short afternoon story

I’m tired from being out all day! Here’s the short version of my day -

  • Work for 4 1/2 hours
  • Lisa and Emily picked me up
  • Stopped at the bank and got my pin # changed finally
  • Took the girls to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch while we studied.
  • Headed to the DMV and studied for the written test while we waited and waited and waited in line.
  • Took the test - I passed with a 95%! They actually issued me a permit, even though the book said they weren’t supposed to. So I’m legal now!
  • Emily passed, too!
  • Went to Jamba Juice to celebrate - Lisa’s been raving about it, and I hadn’t had it before, but YUM!
  • Came home and watched Josie and the Pussycats (again, I own the DVD smile )
  • E came home and now we are upstairs watching Buffy. Until I fall asleep sitting here

That’s my day! Busy, and full, and happy, and now I’m worn out, but its the weekend smile


yay kristine!

i knew you could do it!! i passed my permit test with a 95% too smile

Yay for you! I knew you could do it smile

Congrats on passing the test! smile

Congrats Kristine....I knew you could do it...

You go girl! I do not think I know anyone who scored that high on the test!

Woohoo for you Kristine! Congrats on your new permit smile That is one big step for you, you should be very proud of yourself smile

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