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written drivers test

I think that tomorrow afternoon, I’m gonna go and try to take the written test for driving. Lisa and Emily are going already, and so it can’t hurt to at least try, even if I don’t pass the first time. So here’s some review links that I’m posting because I want to remind myself to do this during this afternoon!

DriversTest.net - Online automobile, motorcycle and CDL practice tests.
Washington State practise test
Online Student Drivers

Things to work on this afternoon:
hr: recent comments on sidebar
trk: mail/print buttons and templates
trk: xml/rss template
Anniversary Webring
And aforementioned study guides smile


good luck! i know that in new york, you just need to read through the book in order to pass the test. i’m sure you’ll do just fine!!

They’re mostly common sense, Kristine, you shouldn’t have any problem with the written. I would think it’s rare to flunk this part... I looked at about 20 questions on the Wash State practice test you linked to and I’m sure you could get them all right without even cracking the book. You can get 20% of the questions wrong and still pass. I’m sure you’ll do fine!

Soooo I am not the only one who does not have a drivers liscense...good to know I am not a freak, well in the driving sense! Good luck on tomorrows written!

Best of luck, Kristine! I have the utmost confidence you will do just fine!

I have this to say I went and took the drivers licence test and yoou know what they have changed the test al around I failed the test but I was hoping that you could give me some answers to help me pass the test. I live in Lake Providence LA, and I really need some answers.

i love jacod soo much i had confused

I am going to go in tomorrow and take my test and I am scared... I hope I will do well. I hope you do well. GOOD LUCK! Do you know of any other sites I can practice for my written test on?

I am taking the driving test today. Your links helped me alot. Ive been sixteen for almost 9 months now so i think its about time i get my licence. Thanks for your helpfulness!

I wish you a good luck on your test Ebony

man you guys are all a bunch of FUCKING losers. How can you not know how to pass the test. LOSERS!

i failed to. posted a pic of me taking the drivers test after i passed 2nd time. i am driving a benz ehehehehe

check it out at funhi.com

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