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I got so preoccupied playing with Movable Type yesterday afternoon, that I didn’t even post!!

I was pretty dizzy yesterday - walking around wasn’t so good, so I staid put. I ate a HUGE lunch (my mom gave me one of her pasties!), so I wasn’t hungry at dinner really. And I went to bed early!

I took one of the practise tests I talked about yesterday, and I guess a lot of it IS common sense. Maybe I’ll pass it just from that! I need to look over the signs a bit more, because I didn’t know that a yellow sign with a black triangle (like they have on a curved exit ramp) is called a chevron. But I’ll go with the girls and see how it goes smile

My carpet smells better now. We slept in our real bed, and my headache doesn’t feel so bad now. The guy cleaned it yesterday afternoon, and so I think we are done with the carpet fiasco. Praying and hoping that the leak is *really* fixed so that next time it rains (hey, its washington, that happens a lot!), we’ll still have dry carpets!

Guess what?! Its friday smile

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