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search for yourself

Interesting article: Search for yourself online

But searching just for a name often isn’t enough. Givens suggests trying all the various combination of your names - in her case, Beth Givens, Elizabeth Givens, or even "Givens, Beth."
"I think that’s great advice to be honest with you," said David Krane, spokesperson for Google.
Hmm, I should do some more thorough searches on this - I know that I’m the top search in google for Kristine and Kristine Beeson


I’m still #2 in Google for Christine. *sniff* Maybe if we started a campaign for everyone to link to me...

I am #2 on Google for *Christine Murphy*...#1 is for a *Christine W. Murphy*, who writes sci-fi and romance novels.

Hmmmm... I’ve actually dropped down to #7 on google. I haven’t been to happy about the idea anyway, and wouldn’t have even known that my weblog showed up with just a search on my first name, hadn’t it been for the large amount of hits my site was receiving by one particular IP address using that within the last couple of weeks.

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