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brrr, its cold in here pt 2

So it was very freezing in the house this morning. I’m still warming up, and I’ve been up since 2:45! See, we left the carpet fan on to keep drying out the carpet, and had the window open because it smelled so bad. So of course, we left that all running all night because we were worried that it wouldn’t be dry.

Last night was SOOO windy that the house creeeeeeked everywhere. So of course, even though we had the doors shut upstairs, it was FREEZING because the wind was coming in under the doors and stuff!

My office wall creaks when its windy - we have a wind tunnelly type alley way that our shop is in, and so if you were to open the door, your arm would practically be torn off because it swings so hard with the wind!

So anyhow, I’ve got the heat cranked in here, and my purple afgan on my lap. its helping smile

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