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long trip?

I feel like I’ve been on a long trip. At least that’s what my dream was last night, and so I woke up sure I’d been places. I don’t remember where we went in my dream, I just remember coming back from it, and knowing I’d been gone for a long time. And then, of course, the dream takes a strange change, and I end up at my job at WWC trying to get back into the work mode after being in the travel mode.

I know that the feeling of adventure that I felt in my dream comes partially because we were "adventurous" last night, and slept downstairs on the futon. The fan that the carpet guy brought to dry out the floor is making the mildew smell spread all over the place, and so its really strong upstairs. So we slept downstairs.

The carpet guy is coming again today after noon to possibly clean, if its dry enough. His deoderizer that he sprayed yesterday was really strong, and I’m worried about how my head will react to carpet cleaning additives - sounds like a recipe for a migraine!!

So I’ve been on my long trip of the night, and now I just want to sleep, but I’m up, so I’ll surf a bit smile

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