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dell under 1000

News: Dell targets sub-$1,000 notebook buyers

The PC maker, whose previous consumer notebooks sold for around $1,200, on Monday will launch a new sub-$1,000 model under its SmartStep brand.
Ahhhhh.... one of these days, I’m gonna get me a laptop. Its so cool that the technology is getting cool enough to have one with space/memory that would work for the proejcts I wanna work on, but that the prices have gone down substantially since the last time I looked at getting one 2 or 3 years ago!

Not that I’d get a Dell. Robyn’ll remind me of her story if I even think of that ;)


Moi? wink No seriously though—as crap as their $1700-1900 models are, I *shudder* to think how the bargain bin ones are constructed!

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