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When I wake up lately, I am SO thirsty. So some nights, I plan ahead. I leave a glass of water or a half of a glass of pop or something on my desk for when I wake up in the middle of the night. But my boy is so efficient that he took my popcan downstairs last night! :sigh: So I’m guess I’m gonna have to hobble my way down the stairs and get some juice or some fresh water. The water from up here just doesn’t taste the same, and plus, he took all the cups downstairs to be washed, so I couldn’t get a drink if I wanted to :g:

Okay, he told me last night as we were falling asleep. His schedule is changing, and we are doing early mornings mondays and thursdays instead of tuesdays and thursdays. I must get that in my head. Early mornings mean I get in the shower at 5, wake him up at 5:30 and be at work by 6:45. It seems so early when its happening. 'Specially when I’m up for a few hours in the middle of the night - 5 comes quickly!


Why not leave a water bottle that closes by your bed, so you always have a drink available when you wake up? Then you don’t have to worry about knocking it over and spilling it either (that’s always a danger for me, as my nightstand is very close to my bed). Just let Eric know that it needs to stay by your bedside so he doesn’t clean it up.

I can’t imagine drinking soda or juice in the middle of the night—with all that sugar—helps you sleep!

That’s a good idea - my nightstand is pretty close to my head, and having a water bottle instead of a glass to tip over is always a plus smile

And that’s true, about the sugar. But much of the time lately, I’ve had a sore throat and a bit of an upset tummy.... and water just seems to not go down nearly as smoothly as soda or juice. If I go downstairs to sleep for part of the night, I usually get cold water out of the fridge - we have a britta pitcher now, and the water feels much nicer when its cold and filtered smile

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