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all night!

I slept all night!! WOO hoo!!! smile

And then I woke up, and there was snow on the roofs smile Its all pretty smile

When you sleep all night, there’s fun stuff to read in the morning because you haven’t read it already! ;) So I’m actually surfing my blogs and finding new posts ;)

I had long bizarro dreams last night... just amazingly long and about wacked out topics. I went from police chases with Leslie Nielson (I saw a teeny bit of Naked Gun 33 1/3 last night), to being in a warehouse full of American Girl accessories (I accidently knocked Samantha off her spot last night before bed), to Spike/Angel dreams, and on and on and on!

So I’m in a happy mood this morning now smile Good morning everyone!!! smile

To do:
tan strips, pr stripes, redrina, and fractal flower

  • finish css
  • wording
  • b/gm/mt templates and buttons
  • zip and upload

fractal swirl - ?
said - ?
colors - ?
shareware - heaven/daisyhead/tan tech

update sidebar
reply to mail


YAY! i’m so glad you slept through the night. i hope you have a wonderful and peaceful day. woo!

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