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mail down

I’m having mail issues, so I may need some resends of mail after they get this fixed. I am having problems sending mail (apparently because my servers var directory is completely full), but I’m also having problems receiving mail. sad

Stupid crappy stupidness!


I’ve been having mail troubles all day. I have to check it to authorize and then it’ll work and then stop. So I uncheck that and it works again sad

Since I didn’t get a MT notification that for any of the last 5 comments made on my journal, I know that its definitely NOT right. sad I opened a support ticket at 6something, and it still has nothing changed on it sad I really don’t like loosing mail.
And Gina, mine doesn’t seem to be affected by the authorizing change - my servers (scorpion) var directory (which I guess holds incoming and outgoing mail?) is completely full. BLAH!

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