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crappy morning

I’m just a big doofus.

I woke up around midnight (which is fairly normal), checked my mail, got a drink and tried to go back to sleep. Nope, that wasn’t working, so I got back up and went downstairs to watch TV. Anytime I think I might fall asleep, I set the alarm on the TV so I’ll wake up. Did that - set it for 5:00, fell asleep, dreamt that I was helping the NSync boys start up a Christian singing group (I blame Rina entirely for NSync being in my dreams!).....

fast forward to a little bit later, and I woke up, looked at the clock - ACK, its 6:11! I climbed off the couch and hurriedly stood up because I needed to wake E up very quickly... and my legs fell out from under me. I ended up hitting my shoulder into the corner of the wall and hitting my knees pretty hard on the floor. I don’t know if I just was too dizzy to stand, or what, but I’m gonna have some nice bruises from this. sad

So we got ready really fast, and E will only be a little bit late, but I feel so flustered and fuzzy. Its really hard for me to do things quickly and out of order to get ready super fast - I need my morning structure to get me started off right.

:breathe, kristine:


oy! my friend jumpd up really quick like that once when she’d been sleeping and her ankle gave out and she sprained it really severely. sad I’m glad you’re not hurt like that. but you’re gonna be sore. *little hug so as not to hurt you*

Oh, sweetie, that’s no fun. : ( I’m sorry you fell like that, but at least you got some good sleep in. And you dreamed about the pretty boys, which I will gladly take credit for. *g* {{HUGS}}

Aaaack! Hope you have a much more sane Friday! Sorry you fell... sad

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