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Thanks to a post by Kymberlie yesterday, I found Shellen’s cheatsheet creator. What a neato tool!

I used it (and edited heavily) to make my own. You are welcome to check it out at lovelets. (Why lovelets? Just a cool love-ly word :giggle: Kinda like quizlets that i use over here! Little bits of love, right?)

I have another browser question... In this lovelets page, it has a list of search engines built into it. I know I’ve seen peoples blogs (I’m thinking maybe Zalary had this before?) that have the initial value of the input tag to say something, and then when you click, it disappears. This would be ideal for this page, since its good that they have something describing them to start with, but the way it is right now, you have to highlight and then type what you are searching for. Any great ideas? I tried searching for many combinations of words I thought would find me something about this, but nothing really came up for me.


i hope this doesn’t eat the code.... hmm....

make the value="kristine-y’s search" and then inside the input tag, put onclick="this.value=''"

you can also make it onmouseover if you want. smile

hth love you!

You ROCK!!!! That worked perfect smile
love you!!

Thanks for the tip, Zalary!

Glad you like it, Kristine. It’s so handy!

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