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energy savers

The Chronicle: Daily news: 03/05/2002—01

Several colleges say they expect to realize significant energy-cost savings—at the expense of minor inconvenience to computer users—simply by enabling the power-saving "sleep" feature on computer monitors.
This makes sense - I bet multiplied out by how many computers are on a campus, it really would make a difference for them.... Which got me reflecting ..... Ahh, the years of not having to worry about paying for electricity and internet charges. Hi-speed connections that were almost always on, what a joy!

My home has a bit more of a feel of that, now that we have cable internet. It sure is an amazing thing to be able to sit down anytime of the day and have the internet ALWAYS there smile

link from bits and bytes


I don’t like the power-down feature. I turned it off because we managed to shut down the computer a few times thinking we were turning it ON.

We got in the habit of jiggling the mouse before trying to turn on the computer smile I did what you said a few times before I got in the habit of that!!!
But then again, we leave our home computers on most of the time, so I suppose we need to do *something* to make up for the energy they are using!! smile

haha! i know you definately didn’t go to potsdam state....

hi-speed internet connection always down is more like it. ;)

my computer sleeps if it’s idle for a half hour. i love it... this way i don’t have to worry about waiting for the darn thing to start up smile

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