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this or that: 030502

Time for Ashley’s This or That!

  • Train or boat? I guess boat smile
  • Lake or ocean? Ocean. Pacific to be specific smile
  • Thoughtful or perceptive? Thoughtful
  • Observant or participative? Mostly Observant
  • Line or curve? Line - I’m a 1px black solid girl ;)
  • Capitalize or lowercase? depends on why and what. I change a lot, depending on the situation, I guess. But when it comes down to it, I do it right smile
  • Giraffe or zebra? Zebra. Black and White
  • Shiny or matte? Ohhhh, Shiny.
  • Oil or vinegar? Oil. Olive Oil can do some great things smile
  • Sand or clay? Sand for the castles. <--I like Ashley’s answer so much!!!


This is totally unrelated, but I finally downloaded FontLister like you suggested (I tried it at work, but the dinosaur of a machine that I use bit the dust with it) and it’s awesome! Thanks for suggesting such a great program!

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