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to do list

Its my mental health day, and I’ve got a lot of things I’d like to accomplish today, but I’m gonna try hard to keep my sanity and not do too much!

I slept in until 9something and ate breakfast; then I watched the video of Mena and Ben on The Screensavers from last week - Robyn was sweet enough to send it to me smile

Besides that, I’ve only done a few little things this morning - answered a few question on the MT boards, checked out some stat stuff, and read most of my daily:loves. My dad called me and told me about a banana bread recipe he saw on GMA. I can tell he’s proud after hearing about theredkitchen this last week, and now he’s thinking of recipes he could put together for me to post smile That makes me feel all special smile

I’ve been listening to TheFish, Portland’s Christian station - there are some great songs on this channel. And I just noticed on their webpage - Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to town on April 7. Boy, I’d love to see him. I’ll have to look into that concert smile

So anyhow, I sure do better with a list to check things off of. So I’m working on the list now smile

write Zalary
write Christine with blogomania stuff
write Robyn about tape and check mail!
finish setting up Kate’s blog (fixed css)

Sets -
(fix mt templates on all to have MTBlogURL base refs in them)
Girl Alien

  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

Victorian Brown
  • mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

  • wording
  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

  • All things!!
  • Maybe write Kimberlie to see if she wants it as a skin?
  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

Add new users to updates list

Write Implish - overall
Write Melissa - exclusivity?
Write Cheyenne - set extention
Write Amy - thank you
Set up webring from Cheryl on wedding page - write her back
Write Kathryn - welcome
Write Chrissy - pitas

Set up Erica on trk - email back
post guest recipes on trk
post question on mt boards about logging out and multiple users
post hint on mt boards about archive lists instead of archive posts

Extended list:
Keep looking for mailing solution for redkitchen
Renew TheRedKitchen’s hosting plan (out in April)


Ohh... a fish skin. smile I want to see.

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