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short days

My dad called me this morning, and normally I would have frowned at the intrusion, but he had some exciting things to tell me (5 new accounts yesterday and the longest past due check finally came!). He also wanted to talk about my schedule for next week.

I still wasn’t so sure about it - I have been thinking Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (because I get to go home early on Tuesdays and Thursday).... or M, T, F, because payroll is on friday, and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna have to be in charge of handing out checks. He said that when I do take over payroll, Leonard could hand out checks, and then I wouldn’t have to be there that late anyhow. Sooo... then he suggested that he could pay Annette to take me home at lunch time every day, and work every morning. That would be ideal, in my book. That was the plan, that I’d get my licenses and start doing part time days. But the license thing is just one more stress thing that I haven’t been able to jump over the hurdle of. (not that I would be able to jump a hurdle right now, I’m pretty weenie/whimpy feeling right now!)

So I’m gonna talk to Annette about that on Monday. Play it by ear. It sure makes me feel a little better having some potential solutions, ya know? Its been crazy just having it being up in the air. I don’t do so well with that ;)

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