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music sharing

Ever since Napster went kaploey, I’ve been trying out a couple different apps for file sharing. So I was interested in this article: News: Will Gnutella get Morpheus back on track?

By sharing the same technology, Kazaa, Morpheus and Grokster formed a network that rivaled Napster’s in size, since people using any one of the three pieces of software could search each other’s computers. The Morpheus software appeared to be the most popular of the three, however. According to CNET Download.com, which keeps a count of people downloading the software, Morpheus has been downloaded more than 51 million times.
Well no wonder I was finding things better on Morpheus smile I’ve kinda alternated between that and Limewire, but I don’t like how Limewire searches in one little box. And Audiogalaxy was one of my choices for a while, but they started blocking everything.

What do you use? But please don’t blast me if you don’t use any of these peer-to-peer apps.

helpful links: [morpheus] [grokster] [limewire] [napster] [audiogalaxy]


I had problems with AudioGalaxy for a while too, so I switched to Morpheus but didn’t really like the interface. I’ve been using AudioGalaxy again and I haven’t found anything blocked. However, the mp3s are almost all lower quality than I used to get on Napster (sometimes cut off, with digital fuzz, etc.). But, it’s good enough for my needs. If I like something I go out and buy the album. : )

P.S. This font is MUCH better for typing comments... now I can see them! Thank you.

i looooove my audiogalaxy. i haven’t had a problem with them blocking anything. i also have kazaa and limewire at school, but they’re SUPER slow. ridiculous. audiogalaxy is a million times faster, and i get better results.

back in august, i tried to use morpheus, but it seriously screwed up my computer... a couple of viruses, etc. i wound up having to completely reinstall windows. i would never use it again, nor do i recommend it to anybody else.

I use Audiogalaxy. I’m signed up for my friend’s group on there which allows him to send music right to my "satellite queue". So all I have to do is turn my satellite on and I have lots of wonderful MP3’s sitting there, waiting to be downloaded. smile It’s very nice.

I use Morpheus though I’ve been having problems with it of late.

I use Kazaa, and I love it. I can find almost everything I want, and it’s easy to use. Plus it’s colorful. *g* I used AG for awhile, but I had the same blocking problem. That’s when Kate told me about Kazaa, and I haven’t gone back. LOL

I use KaZaa. I’ve never had much luck with Morpheus for some reason. My best Kazaa find: a download of Madonna doing Vogue live in Victorian garb at the MTV Video Music Awards.

I LOVE Morpheus and I’m crossing my fingers that when they come back up their new software is comparable to what they’ve been using.

I’ve only used Morpheus. It’s ok, but I’m on a dial-up, so everything takes forever...no matter what I try!

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