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participation positives: 022502

Its Monday, which means its time for Jess’s participation positives... and she sure has exciting things to be positive about!!!

  • I got to make my macaroni and cheese and i love cooking it!
  • I have fresh groceries
  • I got so much done in the last 48 hours on stuff for my site
  • My sister was here, and it made me so happy to see her
  • I splurged and got some chocolate covered raisins with my groceries, and they are so yummy.
  • I love and I am loved...
  • The sun is shining.
  • I drank a full (24oz I think) water bottle full of water today.
  • email from Christine has me grinning and excited smile
  • I got to stay in my jammies all day, even when I took a walk to the mailbox.
Its a good start to the week, don’t you think? smile


Heheh! Helps if I read down further. Yeah! You got the e-mail! (I still want to come out West to meet with you though... LOL)

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