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my day

What a nice day! I was up in the middle of the night, and did my grocery shopping. I so love Safeway.com! I was able to save my energy (that I would have used walking through the store for an hour) and use it to sort my cupboards and clean my table and fridge... and my groceries were delivered around 12:30 smile

The sun has been shining all day, and I’ve been letting the wind blow through the house even though its only 49!

I cleaned and did some laundry, and then worked on some new graphics sets. smile I have FOUR in process that I started in the last 48 hours!!! smile I did some finishing touches on the sets that I was editing to go with my new MT/GM instructions smile I’ve got a teeny bit left to do, and then I’ll get it all uploaded. woo hoo smile I feel so productive!

And soon, I’m gonna make some delicious homemade mac and cheese to go with my sparkley jello and fresh salad. Of course, I’ll be doing that WHILE watching Trading Spaces, because its a new epsiode to me smile

happy monday!

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