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I’m just giddy with excitement - you MUST check out BlogOmania!!! What is it? Hosting, Designs, and more - 'specially for blogs!

Christine has it all unveiled and I think its just a SUPER SUPER idea smile Robyn and Jennifer are part of the team, too, and I know that this will be an exciting thing for them all!

Maybe yours truely will be able to do *something* to help them out... even if its just posting madly excitedly so that *everyone* hears about it!!!

Go check it out, really, its neato smile


Hey there—thank you so much for the sweet note and the plug! Gave me a big ol' grin when I got here! smile

Thanks for the e-mail too! Did you get my rambling note back? We must talk, darling... smile *smooch!* Sigh, if I was rich I would just fly out there so we could talk face to face. Wouldn’t that be fun?!?

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