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great home office

What Makes a Great Home Office: The Joy of a Home Office and Outfit Your Office in Style

GREAT article smile I love my home office space. I need a lamp behind my desk, but besides that I’m pretty well set. And right behind this desk is my craft desk, which is also wonderful. If I was really to work from home, I’d be so happy smile


I’m weird. My home office is in the den! We have an office room, but I don’t want to be shut out away from the family... so in the den it is. Need to find some of those Japanese screen things to hide it when we have company.

My office is in the bedroom next to the master smile We’ve got two desks, a small love seat, the entertainment center (with playstation, tv/vcr, and stereo), and the closet doors off to accomidate my craft area smile

So its not so absolutely just a home office, but its perfect for everything E and I do!! smile

I would LOVE to work at home. *sigh* I need more plants here on the cube farm, maybe that will help my space...

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