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family dinner

We had a huge family dinner this evening. It was so delicious, and great fun. My dad made baked potatoes and steak on the grill and his famous chop-chop salad (everything is chopped into perfect palatable pieces - lettuce, basil leaves, salami, smoked cheese, and more) We had yummy fresh bagettes, and finished it all off with some delectable cheesecake from Costco (I was gonna stop and get a PIE, but then dad got the cheesecake instead). It was a delicious dinner.

While I was there, I copied down a few more of my mom’s recipes to try out. I have some wide varieties of memories of food we ate as a kid - mainly because we started out my life as meat eaters, went almost vegetarian and super-healthy when I was 9, and then drastically changed our diet after we moved to Vancouver at age 14. So I have a lot of different foods in my head! Once I try out the recipes and have time to confirm the ingredients are right, I’ll post them on theredkitchen smile

I spent much of my afternoon (after waking up from a nap) working on converting over some of my sets with my new tutorials. I’m really excited how this is all turning out. If anybody would have time to look over what I’m working on, I’ve got a movable type and a greymatter half of my tutorials, and could really use a second (or third or fourth) set of eyes to make sure I didn’t say anything completely backwards! If you have 5-10 minutes sometime today, drop me a note and I’ll send you the links. Thanks smile

Oh, and I played some yesterday, too. CivIII is so addicting smile


I love reading your blog each day.........I have tried almost
every recipe from the Red Kitchen as well.........\
Please come and visit me at my new blog I just began
this week listed above!
Have a day filled with Bliss!
Love Jeanne =^..^=

of course, i always time to look at things for you. i love you so muchly and i’ve been missing you!

please help me get the email address for the 30 minute meal show so i can get the pasta putinesca recipe.