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foot pain

Lately, when I walk, I’ve been pulling the muscle inside of my arch much more frequently. Its really painful, but a problem I’ve had for years.

So tonight, I did a couple searches. I found a term Post Tib Tendonitis which could be it, but every site that you search has the exact same description, and I feel like I’m missing something. I also found out about plantar fasciitis, but this sounds like its not a pain caused by walking, but more an always-there pain.

Of course, I’ve always had foot problems. I don’t know what the official diagnosis was, but I have bones in my left ankle that don’t meet quite right. And my right ankle has never been very strong, either; maybe because I compensate and stand on it instead of the other or maybe because they both didn’t quite finish developing when I was the right age for that...

So I probably should talk to my doctor about this again. I went through so many cat scans when I was 13-15ish, even a cast to try and make my ankle stay still long enough to fix the issues. The surgery options probably have changed in the last 10 years, but at the time, it was to be a 50/50 chance of sucess, and either way, I’d have to put no pressure on it for 6 months, leaving me in a wheelchair during that time. Nope, not in the middle of high school, wasn’t gonna do it!

So yea, this basically is an informational post for me, and to get me thinking about what I could do to prevent strain smile


Oh man, I hope you don’t have plantar fasciitis. I had it for more than a year and if that’s not enough to send a person into severe depression I don’t know what is. I did so much stretching and took so many prescription painkillers—even had two cortisone shots in my heel—and nothing really helped.

With plantar fasciitis, your feet will hurt you most after you’ve been at rest, and then you get up. So, for example, after a night of sleep (or, in your case, a few hours!) when you get out of bed, it would be almost impossible to walk. I would literally sometimes crawl to the bathroom because I couldn’t stand. More good info here: http://heelspurs.com/index.html

If you do not have that immense pain when you wake up, it is probably not plantar fasciitis.

E-mail me if you want more info!

I was going to say that too. Plantar whatever-itis. I had that when I was working at the hospital years ago and it hurt like hell! I hope it starts feeling better!

THANK YOU, girls!!!

From what you said, it sounds like this is probably not what I have... mine is mainly painful only when I’m walking - when the ball of my foot is on the ground and the heel comes up, it feels like something is pulling in the bottom center of my arch.

I’ll keep searching or just ask my doctor when I go in.... its not like I have anything else to ask her LOL! My list grows by the day!

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