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saturday am food tv

You know, you should never watch Food Network on an empty stomach!!

The last few weekends, I’ve watched 30 minute meals, and I really like Rachel, the hostess. She hasn’t made anything I want to duplicate yet, but she has some really fun tips along the way.

And just now, I caught Sweet Dreams, which was a lot of fun!
She made Caramel Corn with Peanuts and Dried Cherries and Katie’s Pinwheel Cookies, both of which looked like a lot of fun to try out!!


I like 30 minute meals, but Rachel Ray has a bit too perky of a personality for my taste. And I’m kinda tired about hearing about her grandfather. I think the pumpkin/sausage pasta from todays episode looked fantastic, though.

I don’t have cable, but I do watch the PBS food shows on Saturdays...and I have been known to immediately log onto a show’s website to get the recipe, then run right out to buy the stuff to make it with!

My husband and I watch Food Network every Friday night, from midnight to 3am - Hot Off the Grill, East Meets West, and the Galloping Gourmet. We’re starting to watch Food 911 and Melting Pot beforehand, too. I have learned that I MUST eat before turning on that television, or I am in BIG trouble.

I love Rachel Ray!!! I loved it when she fixed her pasta putinesca (no clue how you spell that; I probably messed it up big time!!! LOL!). It looked SO good (too much salt, though). She is really cheery and has good tips. And the food that she fixes looks so awesome. I love that show!!!

Geeky types, like me, will enjoy Good Eats with Alton Brown. I LOVE that show.

We even have our own community:


Rachel Ray? Love her recipes, duplicate lots of them. Her personality? Stop already with the "salt over the shoulder for luck", lemon rolling to get juice, talk of her mommy, daddy and grandpa, the giggling and goofy faces...just get on with the cooking. When she has family on that’s the worse. Her sister looked bored to tears and Rachel’s bossiness with her was disgusting. Not to mention the way she stuffs her mouth at the end of the show! She’s much more likable on "$40 a day"....then why, oh why, do I keep watching "30-minute meals"confused? Guess I’m a glutton for good recipes and some punishment!

my husband and I love Rachel Ray and we especially like her upbeat personality. Why all the gloom and doom and quirky attitudes on so many tv cooking shows? Here is a girl who admits to loving her family and is basically happy. what’s not to like, I ask? Besides, she actually cooks and enjoys the finished product. Is that great, or what?

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